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Dog Adoption

All Paws in Prison dogs are placed with 2 inmates to love and train them, getting them ready for adoption into forever homes! These dogs benefit from the training and attention they receive from the inmates after being in a shelter or on the streets. The inmates not only learn to train the dogs, but they learn life skills that help them when they are released from prison.  They know they are preparing their dog for a better life because of their love and attention, but what they may not realize, is that the dogs are training them too!

After about 8 weeks of training, the dogs are ready for adoption!  

1.  The first step is to read our Adoption Guidelines to make certain you are in a position to adopt a dog.

2.  Next, look at the current DOGS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION and see if one of them steals your heart!

3.  Lastly, fill out the online Adoption Application Form.  An Adoption Coordinator will contact you to advise you on next steps.

See how it all happens in this 4 minute 16 second video!

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